Laser Circumcision

Stapler Circumcision

While appearing circumcision, we use a circumcision stapler. This is a sterile, manually handheld device this is used all through the process. As that is sterile and non bioabsorbable, that is secure to be used.

At first the foreskin is reduce and a circle made with staples is placed alongside the reduce line at the penis. The form of the circle is sort of like a dome this is had to be inserted in the foreskin. While the use of the staple mechanism, a lever is used for the guide functions and it connects the staple dome with the outer facet of the foreskin.


Shang ring circumcision or the traditional one encompass numerous headaches. Wound dehiscence and extreme oedema can take location because of the traditional techniques. The stapler circumcision then again is relatively much less complex and much less risky. Due to loss of electrocautery, minimum tissue harm and a quicker operative time makes the stapler circumcision to be the exceptional system invented until date. As the operation takes location for a shorter time, the blood loss quantity is likewise very much less. The postoperative headaches also are very much less in case of this stapler circumcision. If you’re searching out male circumcision, that is the easiest, most secure and the maximum affected person pleasant alternative to be had out there.

Advantages of Stapler Circumcision:

  • The amount of blood loss is very less and it is a less painful process.
  • No hospital stay for the patient
  • The process is minimally invasive, hence, it is safe.
  • The recovery period is very small.
  • The infection can be avoided by this process.
  • The chance of urinary tract infection will be less.
  • Keeping the penis clean will be easier after this procedure.

Reason Behind Chronic Prostatitis:

  • Chronic Bacterial Prostatitis: This severe condition takes place due to the bacterial infection in the penis. Some people also face UTI or Urinary Tract Infection along with Chronic bacterial prostatitis.
  • Chronic non- Bacterial Prostatitis or Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome: The reason behind this condition is tough to understand. It is a non bacterial infection and due to the vague idea about its causes, there is no definite treatment of this. This can generally be seen in people curing from Chronic Bacterial Prostatitis or any other type of bacterial infection of the penis.

Possible reasons behind this tough medical situation are:

  1. Physical injury of the urinary tract.
  2. Damage of the urinary tract due to an operation.
  3. Psychological stress.

Symptoms of Chronic Prostatitis:

The visible symptom is the genital or pelvic pain. The pain can be felt like an ache or it can be severe and sharp. In some people the pain stays for all the time whereas in some, it comes and goes after a certain interval.

Another visible symptom is the urge to urinate continuously during night time. Some people need to visit the loo several times during the night.

  • Difficulty in the time of urination.
  • Chronic pain during the time of urination
  • Uncontrollable urge for urination.
  • Pain in testicles, penis, rectum or in the lower back of the patient.
  • Chronic pain during the time of ejaculation.
  • Chronic pain in Perineum. This is the space between Rectum and Scrotum.

Infection signs can be nausea, vomiting, chills or fever.