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Shalby Hospitals: Best Multispecialty Hospitals in India

Shalby’s Centres of Excellence encompass a large range of specialties:

Joint Replacement Surgery, Critical Care & Trauma, Spine Surgery, Neurology, and Neuro Surgery, Ortho-Oncology, Cardiology & Minimal Invasive Cardiac Surgery, Sports Injury, Kidney Transplant, Liver Transplant, Hepato-biliary Surgery, Pediatrics, Medical Oncology & Onco-Surgery, Dental Cosmetics & Implantology, Ophthalmology, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, Rheumatology, Cosmetics & Dermatology, Homecare, Bariatric Surgery, Gynecology, IVF & Surrogacy Counselling, Homecare, etc. Specialty clinics for Stroke, Epilepsy, Acidity, Snore & Sinus, Glaucoma, Sleep Study, Diabetes, Liver, Kidney, Asthma, Fertility, Obesity, Hypertension, Radio Therapy, Radiosurgery, etc.

Shalby’s multi-specialty corporate hospital concept has been constantly getting appreciation from patients who get holistic expert healthcare solutions under one roof.

Knee Joint Replacement

Shalby Hospital is the global leader in Knee Replacement. Shalby is one of the world’s best and renowned knee replacement hospitals in India with highly qualified knee replacement surgeons and a trail of success stories in knee replacement surgery.

World Renowned Centre for Knee Replacement

A visionary and the founder of quality health services establishment – Shalby Hospitals, Dr. Vikram Shah’s name is closely associated with Knee Replacement Surgery. The inventor of the OS needle used by orthopaedic surgeons worldwide, Dr. Shah brought laminar air flow and body exhaust systems in the OT for the first time, to perform knee joint replacement surgery in India. He established the first Indian hospital with a ‘Class 100’ operation theatre, making knee replacement surgeries much more safe and successful. Today, Shalby Hospital is considered as the Best Knee Replacement Centre in India.

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Total Hip Replacement

Joint Replacement Surgery

A joint can be described as a place where two or more parts of the skeleton are fitted together; eg; knee, hip and shoulder. Joint replacement is the surgical procedure by which a damaged joint is replaced with a new one. Shalby Hospitals offers a comprehensive range of orthopedic treatments including Joint Replacement Surgery. Shalby is the world renowned centre for Joint Replacement, headquartered in India.

Best Orthopedic Hospital in India


Shalby Hospitals, India is the world’s best Orthopedic and Joint replacement centre.

Orthopaedic Surgery

Ailments related to the skeleton and its attachments, like the ligaments and tendons are treated by best orthopedic surgeon & doctor India. The surgery also treats disorders related to the nervous system and those which arise from injury of the spine. These ailments may occur at birth, or through injury, or it can be the result of ageing.

The word ‘orthopaedic’ has been coined from two Greek words, ’ortho’, meaning straight and ’pais’, meaning child. In ancient times, orthopedic surgeons were majorly treating the bone deformities observed in children, using braces to straighten the child’s bones.

With the evolution of modern surgical techniques, Orthopedic surgeons began treating the bones, related nerves and connective tissues.

Orthopedic surgeons today specialize in a single branch of orthopedics like hand surgery, joint replacements, or spine disorders.

Several others specialize in trauma aspect and are associated with trauma centres for treating injuries.

With the recent advancements in sports and athletics, sports medicine has seen an upward trend. Several sports medicine doctors are board certified orthopedists. The first important step in seeking treatments is to choose a qualified orthopedic doctor.

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